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Key Fobs for a Cause


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This listing is for 1 key fob.


Each key fob is made with:
High quality, designer quilting cotton
Interfacing for durability
Nickle plated hardware

1" wide at the bracket and fabric
4.25" fabric loop strap makes it easy to grab on the go.

Proceeds from each Key Fob go to a Cause!

Our daughter Thaya is 11 years old, and about to start a new school for 6th grade. She is brave, brilliant, and beautiful!

Thaya has some special needs that create daily challenges for her. We work hard every day to maintain her mental and physical health. Thaya has an extensive support system in place. She has a loving family, a team of doctors, a great group of teachers, coaches, and friends. Unfortunately, Thaya's disorder leaves her feeling anxious, sad, and alone for a period of time every single month as she deals with debilitating physical symptoms.

We are looking to add a dog into her support systems that we will be able to train to not only provide companionship, but also work/service to help mitigate some of her struggles.

We are doing extensive research on getting a dog, and have a breeding program, as well as group and individualized training, set up. It is our hope that the companionship a pup will offer will have a powerful effect on Thaya's day to day life, and regular training and extensive obedience would will make a world of difference to Thaya.

By purchasing a key fob, you are having a direct impact on our ability to acquire the right dog for Thaya. Although we are able to support a dog's basic needs, the additional costs that are necessary to get a dog with the correct temperament and trainability, as well as the extensive training that is involved in service work, is out of our reach. Every little bit helps, and you can be sure that each purchase will go directly towards choosing Thaya's pup and training hours.

We are sharing our journey, and we would like to invite you to join us as we research, acquire, and train. Thaya has agreed to share some of her struggles on Facebook, but I am sure most of you can remember the typical challenges of navigating through this age - we have promised her final approval on every picture, video, and post before it is shared in order to respect her privacy. You can follow along at https://www.facebook.com/k9companion4t/